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The Dark Legion
« il: Marzo 09, 2012, 02:39:00 am »
La gilda "The Dark Legion" apre le gildature:
Healer: Priest Holy; Shaman Restoration.
Dps Caster: Druid Balance.
Dps Melee: Rogue; Paladin Retribution; Druid Feral.

Per le classi sopracitate e altre è possibile presentare una richiesta di gildatura sul il nostro --->Forum.
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The Dark Legion
« Risposta #1 il: Ottobre 01, 2015, 22:46:56 pm »
Although not the biggest power house of Legions youll find out there.  Currently Top 40  The Dark Justice would like to announce that we have made it to Lev 8 status.

But like most of the good legions out there, were always on the look out for active players.

So what makes us Special or Stand out? Well we like to help each other as much as possible, but dont get us wrong, getting yourself to a point where you can help yourselves is our main goal. Were not bothered if your combat rep is poor, npc  mission players are still players after all or if your a lev 10 wondering what their doing and were generally good guys.

We offer all the usual goodies most players expect to find nowadays :-
20 item CTL Still missing 1   - UST - Legion Missions - NPC/PLANET Alerts - Daily Base Battles typically weak targets - Lev 5s  6s for easy silvers
Fully Extended base - all the seasonal mods and upgrades and a good collection of the new Training mods.
Even Payout 365 Days a Year. Artifact 110k and a little mining.
Facebook Group for general chat - bragging - RSL and other Artifact Shares - etc.

So pop on over, im not going to promise you the greatest and most active legion chat. The most frequent NPC alerts or the best Planet alerts, hell I wont give you a cookie but if you want a solid no dramas legion thats run steady then were up there with the best.
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